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About Us


About Us

Mr. Galal G. Yassa founded the Group on 3.12.1975, with the clear objective to achieve continuous and sustainable business development. As hygiene and sanitation are perceived to  be a major factor in the success of any institution concerned with hospitality, medical care services, and special services such as civil aviation , accordingly T.C.L. international was established to help its customers to reach perfection through meeting all their hygiene and sanitation requirements.

The primary goal has been to present an international standard of total hygienic and environmental friendly atmosphere to our business partners.

While using environmental friendly detergents and disinfectants is a step towards success, our after sale services and trainings helps our business partners to reach perfection.

Our After-Sale Service ranks high in our agenda, as we have always maintained that the client is paramount to our success. By maintaining a high premium on our After Sale Services, we are likewise spreading awareness to hotel professionals on the benefits of hygiene and a well-sanitized working environment.
To further disseminate our concern for public hygiene and safety, we have established our new Factory in Suez, set in an ideal environmental friendly operation,
We have established our presence in the Gulf by opening TCL Dubai Regional Office in 2006 taking in in consideration the highest quality and standards, resulting in an internationally certified standards and accreditation, taking advantage of the growing public awareness and expectation on sanitation and hygiene in the region.
Since then, we have been associated with high value clients who appreciate our efforts to provide the market with high-quality products that achieve the best results at reasonable costs compared to other products.
The International markets as well as our regional institutions , government agencies and authorities , has formulated several directives and guidelines for sanitation and hygiene to be followed , and we at TCL are proud to express that we have surpassed all parameters to provide the best standards.
We will not stop from there, however. We will continue to develop more innovative and high-quality products to provide our valued clients the best available range of sanitation and hygiene chemicals.

Let us share the T.C.L.  Success formula
Always aim at quality perfection ISO 9001
Protect and care for the environment ISO 14001
take health and safety as your responsibility ISO 18001


About Us
About Us




About Us
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