Bio Safe


Bio Safe


Volatile liquid hand disinfectant

BIO SAFE Liquid hand antiseptic effective against vegetative bacteria, lipid viruses, and fungi. Very gentle on skin even with long-term use Recommended for use for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection at health care institutions, hotels and hygiene conscious establishments to prevent cross contamination

BIO SAFE rub-in preparation from hand to elbow With skin protection factor

Residual effect

Bactericidal incl , mRSA , Fungicidal ,tuberculocidal ,vircucidal against enveloped viruses ( incl, HBV, HIV , HCV ) ROTAVIRUS-30 sec adenovirus – 1 min polymavirus – 5 min 




Product contains more than 70% ethanol


Product contains less than 5% glycerol


Product contains additional material adds the following features


1 - Mildly material (for comfort during use to encourage clean hands)


2 - A substance that helps to complete the cells and tissues


     (to prevent cracks and treated to reduce the microbial load)


3 - Scented substance that helps the use of alcohol in the


      Cleansing of hands


4 –Another disinfectant quaternary ammonium compound that to strengthen the influence of alcohol and do not interfere with him


Use instructions

Hygienic hand Disinfection acc. To EN 1500

Rub in least 3 ml for at least 30 sec

Surgical hand Disinfection acc. To EN 12791

Rub into hands and forearms and keep them moist for at least 1.5 min   

Areas of applications and method of use

Hygienic hand Disinfection rub at least 3 ml of bio safe into dry hands for a period of 30 sec to inactivation of enveloped viruses  ind HBV , HIV and HCV – 30 sec ensure that hands remain moist by product during the time of application. Surgical

Disinfection rub bio safe into dry hands and forearms for 1.5 min keeping them moist throughout application   

Skin Disinfection wet the skin area thoroughly by applying with a sterile swab


NOTE FLASHPOINT: 23 C flammable. Keep away from naked flames and sources of ignition-No smoking

Store at room temp. keep out of reach of children   


Bio Safe
Bio Safe




Bio Safe
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