Handy Foam


Handy Foam
Foam handsoap

Handy foam is a very gentle foaming handsoap, which provides easier use thanks to its rich lather,

Handy foam helps reduce in quantities used for every hand wash as its special TCL dispenser will generate the suitable soap quantities and save in cost. 

Handy foam contains skin moisturinzing agents as well as anti-irritants.

Handy foam is a pleasantly scented, ready to use skin cleanser which is formulated to remove a wide range of soils, grease, and stains highly recommended for schools, hospitals, factories ,shops, clinics ,restaurants ,kindergartens, churches, nursery schools ,beauty shops ,cafeterias ,food handling establishments, and all restroom facilities

Handy foam is FREE FROM PORK FAT


Use Directions

Read entire container label before using this product

FOR USE IN Handy foam DISPENSERS: fill dispensers as directed by manufacturer.

Wash hands, rinse thoroughly, and dry completely to prevent chapping


Handy Foam
Handy Foam




Handy Foam
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