Airborne and Surface Disinfectant

Spraying Green safe will ionize H2O2 into negative Hydroxyl groups (OH) which will go straight to the positive air particles where the microbes are, destroying them without development of resistance. Theaters Room, Inters eve care, Trellised area.

Green safe stabilizes hydrogen peroxide disinfectant for operating rooms , ICU , Nursery , Endoscopes , Delicates instruments , dental and veterinary surgeries. Ambulance, vehicles-water treatment, air conditioning system / ventilation.

Green safe effective against vegetative bacteria (Salmonella typhi,...).

Green safe effective against lipid viruses (hepatitis C , hebatitis B , influenza viruses ).


Green safe effective against fungi.

Green safe effective against mycobacteria M.Tuberculosis.

Green safe effective against non lipid viruses (hepatitis A).

Green safe is free from pork fat.


GREEN SAFE  Effective against vegetative bacteria (salmonella typhi…..)

GREEN SAFE  Effective against lipid viruses (hepatitis c,hepatitis B, influenza viruses)

GREEN SAFE  Effective against Fungi

GREEN SAFE  Effective against mycobacteria M.Tuberculosis

GREEN SAFE  Effective against non lipid viruses(hepatitis A)

Use instructions

Avoid contact with any substance

1-As multi purpose disinfectant, just before use

Dilute the product with 95% water and make a solution

This solution is used do disinfect any surfaces or medical equipments.

2- for air disinfection,

calculate the amount of green safe for

The decontamination of the room air (provided by the TCL team)or

(the product information sheet)and then dilute it with 90% water and use the solution in the Neburotor.

Universal usage & broad spectrum & no gaps of effect

Efficiency and long time effect remains also at high water temperatures

No forming resistant to micro food

No waste water or environment implication

No toxic effects of the application solution

No carcinogenic or mutagenic effects  

Safe handling and storage information

Store in original closed container or ( where applicable ) in an approved bulk tank , away from extreme temperatures. Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate material safety data sheet.

Available pack sizes

    5LT, 20LT 






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