Surface Polishing


Surface Polishing

B.V.D GRANULES Body fluid spill absorbent and disinfectant Absorbent and disinfectant for all body fluid spills as blood, vomit, serum, and sputum and diarrhea fluid as it can tolerate organic matter. Small amount of powder gives 10.000ppm, biodegradable Treat the spill well, prevent cross infection hell.

B.V.D GRANULES is free from pork fat


B.V.D Effective against vegetative bacteria (salmonella typhi…..)

B.V.D Effective against lipid viruses (hepatitis c, hepatitis B, influenza viruses)

B.V.D Effective against Fungi

Use instructions

Non – effervescent granules for effective disinfection and disposal of body fluids spill use in hospitals.

Spill absorbent & disinfectant body fluid (blood, vomit, serum & sputum, unite, diarrhea fluid (PTS or hospital Tec could be used to disinfect spill area)

Surface Polishing

 Mr.Galal G.Yassa founded the Group on 3/12/1975, with the clear objective to achieve continuous and sustainable business development. As hygiene and sanitation are perceived to be a major factor in the success of any institution concerned with hospitality, medical care services, and special services such as civil aviation, accordingly TCL. international was established to help its customers to reach perfection through meeting all their hygiene and sanitation requirements.


Surface Polishing
Surface Polishing




Surface Polishing
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