Bio Bc 20


Bio Bc 20

Bio-BC20: Cleans with brightness any outdoor surface including wood and plastic decks, Vinyl siding and gutters, stucco, concrete and fiberglass.  

Bio-BC20 rinses easily with water with excellent gloss retention.  

Bio-BC20 can be used on all coatings and treated lumber at recommended use dilutions.

Bio-BC20 is characterized by being fully safe on marine life and without the liability of plastic stress crackings as it is ethylene oxide (EO) free.

Bio-BC20 is extremely mild to surface and skin, and sulfate  free.

Bio-BC20 also has excellent Wetting and soil penetrating properties.

Not affected by concentrated saline due to its chemical nature as it is 100 % from natural resources.

Bio-BC20 is all purpose boat cleaner.

The main ingredients is 100% bio based from vegetable origin safe for aquatic life to be used as boat cleaner

This product is environmental friendly& biodegradable

its main ingredients approved for use is products eco-labeled" good environmental choice" by the Swedish society for nature conservation

Bio-BC20 is free from pork fat.

Use instructions

To be diluted according to the application, can be diluted 100ml to 10liter water.


Bio Bc 20
Bio Bc 20




Bio Bc 20
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