Clearex Conc


Clearex Conc




1- Clearex Conc. is a glass cleaner and polisher


2- Clearex Conc With its unique formula provides faster cleaning because it cuts through dirt and greases providing faster cleaning, leaving no stains. 


3- Clearex Conc works on eliminating all the static electrical charges from the glass surface preventing dust deposition and making the surface cleaner for a longer time


4- Clearex Conc dries quickly leaving a clean brilliant finish

5- Clearex Conc is free from pork fat


Use instructions


 Clearex Conc used on all glass materials and surfaces


1- Dilute rate from 1:6


2- 1gallon of concentrated clearex of 5lt contains 58 spray bottle


3- Spray Clearex directly on surface from about 20cm distances     


4- Wipe with clean, dry cloth


Clearex Conc
Clearex Conc




Clearex Conc
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