S. G.Y.


S. G.Y.
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S.G.Y De-Scalling Agent

S.G.Y  is a blend of mild acids plus detergents for removal of calcium scales.

S.G.Y can be used in dishwashing machines for de-scaling.

S.G.Y is effective on stains that are unaffected by alkaline detergents and for soils with high calcium, magnesium and iron content.

S.G.Y provides germicidal action, kills any pathogenic bacteria and removes water film.

S.G.Y is free from pork fat.


Use instructions


Spray SGY directly to surface or soak the heater you want 1-


to clean in a solution of S.G.Y and water 


2- apply S.G.Y on calcium scales to coat it and disintegrate it


3-S.G.Y could be used to de-scale dishwashing machine by adding it to the empty wash tank while free of detergent


S. G.Y.
S. G.Y.




S. G.Y.
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