Haccp Tablets


Haccp Tablets
Chlorine tablets for soft skin vegetables and fruits sanitation

HACCP tablets  is used to sanitize soft skin and unpeel able vegetables and fruits. Dissolve one HACCP tablet into 20 lt. of water to get 50ppm (Part Per Million) chlorine concentration. Soak vegetables and fruits and allow a recommended contact time of 10 minutes

HACCP TABLETS – ST14  Tablets for food disinfection 500gm   3.25gm/ tablet.

HACCP TABLETS – ST14  is free from pork fat.

HACCP TABLETS – ST14   Effective against vegetative bacteria (salmonella typhi…..).

HACCP TABLETS – ST14   Effective against lipid viruses (hepatitis c,hepatitis B,   influenza viruses).

HACCP TABLETS – ST14   Effective against Fungi.

Use instructions

On salads, vegetables & non peel able faints

1-Rinse the salads with cold water to remove sail and in sects

2-one tablet per 20liters of water with recommended contact time 10mins submerging the salads in the solution,

3- after disinfection removed salads shaken with fresh water then   transfer to clean, dry tray and store in a suitable area

4- HACCP TABLETS – ST14 is preferable not to rinse after disinfection except where the food will be consumed in less than 2 hours in which case with clean fresh drinking water



Haccp Tablets
Haccp Tablets




Haccp Tablets
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