20litre-bottle morgan hypo2 


           Concentrated Liquid bactericide for general dairy use


MORGAN TCL HYPO is a concentrated liquid bactericide for general dairy use.

MORGAN TCL HYPO is a clear, pale yellow/green liquid with a typical chlorine odour.

MORGAN TCL HYPO is a stabilised solution of sodium Hypochlorite containing 110, 000 ppm(11%) available chlorine.

MORGAN TCL HYPO has a wide antibacterial spectrum and is effective against most vegetative forms of micro-organisms.

MORGAN TCL HYPO is safe for hand use at the recommended concentrations. Avoid prolonged contact with aluminium and galvanised surfaces.

MORGAN TCL HYPO is completely soluble in water and recommended for use with certain detergent materials

Key properties

• - Powerful biocide, effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria

 - Highly versatile, at the correct concentration, can be used in circulation

 - cleaning, hand washing, rinsing and protein removal processes

 - The most economical disinfectant for general use

 Use instructions

Circulation Cleaning:

For circulation cleaning of milking equipment using CIP Circlet, add MORGAN TCL HYPO to the prepared CIP Circlet solution at a rate of 100ml/40L (4 floz/10 gal). (See CIP Circlet Instructions).

Hand Washing:

For hand washing dairy equipment, using T C L detergents, e.g. Dairy Time,

add 3ml/L (0.5 fl oz/gal) of MORGAN TCL HYPO to the detergent solution, once it has been made.

Final Rinsing:

For final rinsing by circulation or after hand washing, add 25ml/40L (1 fl oz/10gal) ofMORGAN TCL HYPO

 to the cold rinse water and rinse off the detergents. This is essential where mains water is not available.

Protein Removal:

In acidified boiling water (ABW) plants, protein removal may be achieved by using MORGAN TCL HYPO at a rate of 30ml/L (2.5 pints/10 gal) water. DO NOT MIX HYPOCHLORITE WITH THE ACID.

Bottle washing:

Wash Tank: Where an operating temperature of 60-71°C cannot be achieved, and causticity is less than 0.5%, add MORGAN TCL HYPO to the wash tank at a rate of 2.5ml/L (4 fl oz/10 gal). An addition of 0.5 - 1ml MORGAN TCL HYPO per 1L of wash water (1/2 - 1 fl oz/10 gal) should be made after every 50 crates washed.

Rinse Tank: To avoid bacterial re-contamination of bottles after the main wash, MORGAN TCL HYPO can be added to the rinse tank at a rate of 0.5-1 ml/L of water (1/2 - 1 fl oz/10 gal). Repeat this addition after every 50 crates washed.

Swimming Pool Cleaning and Chlorination:


Prepare a solution containing 62.5ml of MORGAN TCL HYPO in 20 Litres of water (1 pint in 40 gallons of water). For heavy soiling add 30ml (or 1 fl oz) of Dairy Time to the solution. Cover all surfaces of the pool with the solution, allow to soak for 15 minutes then brush all surfaces and hose down with fresh water.


Add MORGAN TCL HYPO to the pool water at the rate of 62ml per 5, 000 liters  of water (2 fl oz per 1,000gallons).

Under normal conditions repeat every third day. During heavy use or in hot weather, double the use rate of MORGAN TCL HYPO and repeat every other day.







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